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Italian Leftovers to use to start the BLOG 1. British Airways – Cheap & convenient but unreliable 2. Bike Box Storage - If all else fails "try lost luggage" 3. Car Rental – Eurocar allows on the road modifications 4. Agratourismo’s - Sleeping on the farm 5. Physical training - Italy is a challenge 1. British Airways – Cheap & convenient but unreliable I am frugal and British Airways typically offers the best price on airfares to Europe. British Airways also flies through London which has become a great way to end a European bicycle adventure with a relaxing visit to the theater and other attractions, the British Museum for example, on the way back to the States. Many of the other flights to Europe go to places like Frankfurt, Germany which forces one to be a bit more creative to be entertained. But, every time we have flown on British Airways our bikes have not arrived with us at our destination airport. I mean every time. Our bicycle adventure in Italy began the same way. I bought tickets with British Airways to London and our bikes did not arrive for 36 hours after we did. I had not prepared for such a failure and we had to scramble to reorganize our trip to compensate for the loss of one day. My trip plan was unable to recover from the loss of one plus days. All British Airways flights go through Heathrow airport where a change of planes occurs to other airports in Europe. Heathrow Airport for Passengers is a zoo. Moving people from one flight to another is interesting so moving luggage from one airplane to another must be difficult if not impossible. Our luggage problem is complicated by the fact that the bike boxes are large and I would guess do not fit into the cargo area of a plane easily. I would assume that they are loaded last onto the flight leaving London and the decision to leave them because the plane is full or the bike boxes have not been moved to the planes airport location is an easy choice to make. I am looking for a solution to my dilemma. First, I have changed my trip planning to allow a day after I reach the start location of an adventure before we start to ride. Even if the bikes do arrive with us on our flight the "acclimation day" will allow us to relax and acclimate before the adventure begins. As for the Heathrow transfer problem, I have considering collecting our luggage when I arrive in London and then checking it again for my flight to my destination. This will take time and the time between flights must support this activity. I am assuming two hours to collect and recheck the luggage is sufficient. This theory is supported by the fact that when we stop in London for our three day stopover on our return the bikes make it to the plane when we depart and arrive home with us. While in London, the bike boxes are left at the "airport luggage check." When we exit London we collect the bike boxes at Heathrow and check then in for the flight home. They have always arrived home with us. This demonstrates that collecting the luggage works and rechecking it on the connecting flight will work. Note that I made a claim to British Airways to be compensated for my trip interruption. They honored the claim which put a bit of salve on the wound but I still do not want to delay the start of my trip or to truncate part of it because my bike is being stored at Heathrow Airport.

"car free adventure"