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Touring Adventures

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“Touring Experiences” is a daily journal of our bicycle adventures.  I use the journal to help me remember events and conditions from the ride and to remind me of what went right and what went wrong to support future adventure planning.  Weather conditions, climbing, traffic and road conditions are important. Our interactions with the people along the route, interesting landscape features, and unique events are interesting.  


The most rewarding experience on a bicycle adventure is meeting and interacting with the people along the route.  When riding a bicycle the route’s environment has a direct effect on me and the people are part of the environment. The people are curious about what we are attempting to accomplish and interested in hearing about our adventure


The routes and areas we have selected for cycling are off the beaten path.  We have often been lost and we have "learned" before riding miles in the wrong direction, to ask.  On occasion I have been forced to pantomime my question after using the three words in the native language of the country I know but I have always received positive, helpful responses. 


With the element of the unknown comes the unexpected challenge.  Solving the unexpected challenges that "may" occur on a bicycle trip has proven to be a very self satisfying aspect of the adventure.  I know from experience that I cannot control every aspect of a bicycle adventure and some problems require a solution that must be developed on the road.  Solutions almost always involve the local people and I have a great respect for the army of folks who have come to our aid all over the world.


I fantasize that bicycle touring is similar to a cowboy riding from Dodge City Kansas to El Paso Texas in the old west.  He may tell the story of being chased by a bear somewhere along the way but the rest of the story is about the beans, jerky and coffee.  Not a lot of excitement.


The spectacular view from the mountain while drinking coffee, the wild animals along the route, or the water fall where the river is crossed are left out.  That is unless he fell off his horse into the river during the crossing or a male deer chased him and his horse during his journey.  Then there is a story to tell.      


But if I plan to ride from Dodge to El Paso I would appreciate knowing any details of the route that I am offered.  No matter how boring they may seem to my cowboy friend he may be able to help me avoid some unpleasant event or prepare for a possible difficulty.  I want the beans, jerky and coffee information.  My goal is to use the journal to provide information to help plan the trip from Dodge to El Paso must learn to share the road with the locals... prepared for unexpected changes in the route... prepared to bailout when necessary...

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